What You Resist, Persists

What You Resist, Persists

I have been blessed with a skin condition. And a lot of you readers will think, blessed? You must be mad. Well it took me some time to reframe and be totally ok with it, to fully understand and accept that statement.

I used to think, what did I do to deserve and to end up with a rash like this? I used to get so frustrated, upset, and confused and ask myself: “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”.

Until I realised that my skin is here to communicate something with me, giving me a sign that I am a bit or very derailed at the moment. And that is ok.

Fighting Makes it Worse

The more I fought against it, with more anxiety, worry, a feeling of misunderstanding, and lathering myself as a result with layers of cortisone to extinguish the fire and popping the highest anti-histamine on the market for months, the more it became present and showed up. It went away for a short period of time and then eventually came back a lot worse.

And like a rubber band that you expand for too long, suddenly it snaps and whacks you back ten times harder. I know now that my skin was reminding me that I didn’t deal with the symptom properly at the source.

Learn to Pay Attention

The eczema came also with a lot of physical pain, open cracks that would bleed, my skin was hot and irritated. I had to often bandage my hands to keep my wounds clean. I felt so self-conscious which made it all worse. Obviously.

At my worst time I didn’t sleep anymore, as I was scratching all of my skin off at night. I felt helpless, everything I ate my skin reacted to. I felt so lost.

Until I learnt what pain really stands for: Pay Attention to Information Now.

Realising What I Had to Do

So, when push came to shove, I realised that I HAD to embrace it, welcome it and make friends with my skin. Realise what the true function was of my skin, and how efficient it actually is. I felt so disconnected with myself when I realised this but being aware of this was the first step to getting better.

I stopped calling it MY eczema, because it isn’t mine, it is “just” a symptom wanting to communicate something with me through my skin.

Your body is so intelligent, isn’t it a shame that it can’t voice its suffering into words that the human can physically hear, like a healer talking to you. But the thing is, we are totally able to hear its message. In order to be able to do that, we need to Stop. Stop and listen. And also, be patient. With yourself. And I know, this is hard. Because we have been bred to get fast results.

Healing Takes Times

So often we go to the doctor for a quick fix. But true inner healing takes time. I invite you to become friends with your symptom instead of persisting it and pushing it away. It is appearing for a reason, and symbolises the key to unlock your inner healing powers and start the communication with your mind and body.

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