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Emilie has extensive experience in presenting workshops to her international clients. She very much enjoys travelling around the world delivering her work in the form of workshops.

She chooses topics that she is inspired by and creates the content and structure of her workshops.

Alternatively, her workshops are also tailored to her clients' requests, so if you have a specific topic in mind you would like Emilie to present then please do get in touch with her

Workshop Topics

A guide to deal with emotions when using therapeutic grade essential oils

A series of 'Self Care Mondays' Workshop

Working with teens on stress around exams

‘Discovering Self-Connection’ workshop with Dr Jenna Daku, Disordered Eating Therapist

What People Are Saying

"I feel empowered for gaining an insight about my critical voice and my relationships so it’s something I can continue to work on and ‘check in’ with my critical voice (i.e. ‘why are you here?) beyond this workshop."

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Public Speaking Engagements

To hire me for public speaking engagements you can fill in the form on my Contact Page
or email at emilie@emiliejansoncoaching.com