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Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can regain your inner peace. Even when you feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed, or that perhaps there is no way out.

Emilie Janson Life Coach

My Story

Are you in a job that you do not enjoy fully, that isn’t fulfilling your life purpose? Or are you stuck in a situation or relationship where you don’t feel good enough? Do you want to regain your power? Don't worry, I have been there too, and this is why I would like to share with you the wisdom I’ve gained through my own experiences and as a Life Coach. So that you can live a life with more purpose and direction and so that you can let go of the feeling that, “the grass is always greener”.

I’m Emilie Janson, a certified Life Coach, change agent and facilitator with the legacy of helping you to find your true purpose in your life. If your inner roar has been dimmed down by the challenges of life, I have made a commitment to help you find your unique voice, to own your unique gifts and to shine your powerful light. If I can do it, you can do it too!

My coaching process has been designed as a safe container to support you through a specific chapter in your life. It is my deepest wish to support you to find your courage and to empower you to make the changes in your life you have been dreaming of.

My mission is to empower you to see that you have a choice.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can regain control and consider several options available to you. Even when you feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed, or that there is no way out, I am here to show you, your own brilliance and a way forward.

It requires a lot of courage to admit that you are ready to change things and to step out of your familiar patterns. It takes bravery to embrace your full vulnerability, and to be open and present in your life. We all bring our own twist to the Life stories that we share.

It’s time to drop the chains and let the light shine through the cracks. A behavior, that you may have been defined by since you were a small child, like being anxious or always worried, does not define you as a person. It is a behaviour that you unconsciously have adopted and personified.

As your Life Coach, I would like to help you and guide you shed some light on this to support you to create positive changes, to redefine and reinvent yourself.

From Worrier
to Warrior-
I have found
my voice

I spent most of my life identifying myself with being a wOrriEr. I am now 34 and have decided to update two defining letters in that word that defined me for too long, and therefore call myself now a wArriOr, a change agent and facilitator living a more purposeful life.

I have found my voice thanks to my skin. It has been my personal mirror and also has become my compass alerting me when I am not in tune with myself : When I have pushed the limit too far and not respecting my own boundaries. My skin helps me to put myself back to purpose.

About Emilie Janson

Making the Transition

Thankfully, increasing research in Neuro Science is showing that the body and mind are linked.

Whilst being on a long journey with my own Life Coach, I drew a line to my existing career in the trading world in London at the end of 2015 and booked a flight to New Zealand to have some time out.

This decision did not just happen overnight, and for sure did not come easy. It was the right decision as it planted me firmly on the path to fulfilling my destiny as a coach, agent for change and transformation.

Becoming a certified coach and neuro-linguistic practitioner changed my life. Having recently returned to Europe, I now passionately use these tools to support others to become the best version of themselves.

Your situation might not require such a big life change but perhaps you want to be able to put more of YOU inside of your daily routine and to be able to find your spark again.

So that you are no longer part of the daily rat race and indeed introduce more joy, happiness and control into your life. Life is not just all about sleep, work, eat, repeat. Deep down, you know your life is worth more than what you’re currently experiencing. It can be tiring and overwhelming to drag yourself through a half-lived life.

I welcome you to book your complimentary chat with me to get started on this exciting path of transformation.


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Certified mBIT Coach Trainer

Certified NLP Master Practitioner
International Teaching Seminars,London, United Kingdom 2019

Clinical Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Awaken School,United Kingdom 2019

Certified mBIT Coach and Master Coach
Multiple Brain Integration Techniques International, Auckland, New Zealand 2016/2017

Certified Coach Practitioner of NLP
Neuro Linguistic Programming - EMH Inspire, Edinburgh UK - 2016

MSc in International Business
University of Stirling, Scotland UK - 2009

BA (Hons) in Marketing and Business Studies
University of Stirling, Scotland UK - 2008