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life coach switzerland

life coach switzerland


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I'm Emilie Janson, and I can help you to move forward!

My logo incorporates the symbol of the Koru and it honours my experience in New Zealand. That time was the final stepping stone for me before launching my career as a transformational, personal development Life Coach.

The spiral shaped Koru design is derived from the unfolding of the new shoots of the silver fern. It symbolizes "new beginnings and a new start". Every person will resonate in their unique way with the symbol, according to their personal journey so far.

For me, it symbolizes the soul's blueprint. The beginning of a new chapter, embarking on this "destined to be" journey as a coach.

New Zealand was the missing link to the puzzle, adding the spiritual piece to my personal development journey as your Life Coach.


I provide a life coaching service where the client is treated as whole and not broken. The coaching process based on Neuro Linguistic Programming principles, latest Neuro-Science, Behavioural Modelling,and Positive Psychology will guide you from feeling stuck and lost to gaining a solution focused mind-set. You already have all the resources and answers you need within yourself to reach your desired outcome(s).

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

- Lao Tzu


Through you I could manifest my inner wisdom. Thank you with all my heart for being one of the vehicles to move to my deepest longing - being of service in a holistic way.


Working with Emilie has opened my mind up to approaching life's challenges in a completely different way. My sessions with her have relaxed me and made me approach my own personal difficulties in a calm and confident manner. She's a wonderful coach and makes you feel comfortable enough to share anything and everything!


Since working with Emilie I have, for the first time in my entire working career (25 years), money left in my bank account from my wages. It's the end of the month, (I get paid monthly) and I get paid in three days. I have enough left until then to meet my friend for lunch and go to the cinema.


I have benefited of Emilie's coaching in my professional environment. As I am working in HR , this coaching has allowed me to be less apprehensive in complex situations and to realise that all situations, even the most stressful ones are manageable.


I like how the different topics and questions that came up in our sessions with Emilie were approached with lightness and respect.


I was very positively surprised by how quickly I was able to find my energy again and to shift my old pattern of over-thinking and feeling sad.



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As a Life Coach, my coaching style will serve you as a portal to your own transformation, leading you back to yourself.

Having a Life Coach Will Help You To:

  • Step out of the feeling of being stuck and regain a solution focused mindset
  • Discover tools that will help you deal with living in overwhelm
  • Gain clarity if you are unsure of your direction
  • Build the courage to live a more purposeful life
  • Heal unresolved mental blocks
  • Embrace the real you and enjoy your current daily routine even more
  • Step more powerfully into your destiny

Your body is the harp of your soul. And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds

- Kahlil Gibran