Why Being Present is a Gift

Why Being Present is a Gift

To be present. A state that is very much a “wished for” state and talked about in the realm of mindfulness, and sometimes labelled and perceived as not so easy to achieve. The excuses being: “I don’t have time” or “I am too busy ”. And this is why I wanted to tackle this topic from another point of view today. By planting the seed and giving you my opinion on why being present is such a gift to the people who practice it. Maybe that will convince you, or maybe in the first instance spike your curiosity and motivation to slot in a specific time during your day to be present and to give it a shot.

A Good Starting Point – Notice What You Notice

I access this state by noticing that whilst I am typing this blog post my feet are grounded and connected to the floor. That my back is leaning against the back of my chair, and I can feel the very comfortable pillow that I am sitting on. When I am present, I am suddenly aware of the tone of voice that I am using. The self talk that is present in my mind. I am able to hear my breath, and feel my heartbeat. It is almost like I can see myself sitting in my armchair from a helicopter view, whilst at the same time feeling very connected to my physical body.

Time Becomes Your Friend

What I find interesting is that a lot of people that I speak to tell me that they don’t have time to be present, to meditate and to be grounded. And the funny thing that I have experienced myself is, that once you actually do practice being present, you begin to realise that you have more time available to you. So I find that time slows down, it becomes your friend. Allowing me to be aware of my breath again. Giving me the opportunity to assess the state that I am in, and to check in with myself. I am able to set the pace again, one that is suitable for me, which gives me a calm feeling inside of me.

Able to Enjoy the Moment More

“If you aren’t present you are not available to your own experience.”
Ian McDermott

Because if you are not present you will miss the opportunity of taking in the beauty happening around you : such as a beautiful sunset, an intimate moment with your partner or a family dinner for example.

When you are aware that you are experiencing something, that is when you are present. When you are present you are taking in the experience with all your senses, which intensifies it. This allows you to then be available to experience this over and over again in your life. Why is that? Because once you become aware of what your preferences are, you are able to prioritise those and drop the negative ones, the ones that no longer serve you.

You are Able to Nourish Your Authenticity

To associate with the present allows you to be more you, your authentic self. Because you are able to connect with your values and time is slowing down. It helps you to stay grounded and not to freak out in a tricky situation. You are instead able to listen to the person you are talking to and respond with your boundaries still set in place. It will allow you to speak from your heart, and avoid [read more on my blog] using touchy words that you might have used if you would not have been fully present.

You Become a Better Friend

When you are present around the dinner table with your friends, and you are not distracted for instance by your phone, you will instantly become a better friend to the people around you. Why is that? Because you are able to listen to them fully. When your friends have the feeling of being listened to, this automatically gives them a sense of reassurance and builds a certain level of trust. They will feel more heard and understood by you… even if you don’t agree on the content of the discussion.

…And a Better Colleague

You can also apply this at work. And if you want to increase rapport with your colleagues, you can discreetly start mirroring them, by using their words, and imitate for instance how they are standing (i.e. hands on their hips) or their seated position: if they are sitting cross legged for example you can discreetly cross your legs as well.

Sliding Doors Moment

Is it going to be Option A or Option B? Actually maybe Option C? Being present when you are having to take an important decision can be very useful. You are able to connect with your inner wisdom, as time has slowed down. You are therefore able to assess all options and figure out what the best decision is for you. Because that is the most important part. You come first, then the others. Quick note, I am not saying that you are going to turn into a selfish person when being more present, but you will be able to take decisions that are aligned with your integral being, by also taking into consideration all the other factors coming into play.

Please do get in touch if you would like to have someone by your side who you can trust and who will guide you through the process of learning to be more present. So that you can benefit more from this beautiful state.


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