How I Started to Love Sundays Again


The last day of the week was hardly Sunday Funday in my previous life. I didn’t always perceive the last day of the week as a fun day, quite the opposite actually. Sunday afternoons and evenings were very often dreaded by my previous self.

Firstly, because I felt super lonely, even though I was often in good company. For a very long time I felt lonely inside, empty. And secondly, I dreaded going back to work, as I never really felt fulfilled in the job that I was in. My colleagues were great but there was always something missing in the job role for me. And now I know that I was missing myself, I was unconsciously hiding from my creative self.

That Raw Feeling of Lack

My ego was very much present on a Sunday, keeping the unconscious fears very upright in my emotional spectrum. My self-talk was loud and negative, putting me in a corner making me feel very small. I was ashamed of how I felt, because on the outside I had a good job, lived in a beautiful flat, had great loyal friends and a very supportive family. So clearly, I didn’t have a reason to complain. But yet there it was, this raw feeling of lack. It was pounding like an open wound.

Reaching Out – An Act of Courage

It is only after a while that I realised that feeling those feelings with compassion takes courage. I had to park the shame of expressing how I truly felt and reached out to my coach. She presented a very safe space for me without judgement. So I opened up and we explored this emotional emptiness and the feeling of not being lovable.

Looking Within Can Be Scary

Looking within can be scary, because you might fear that you might not like what you will find out once you start your sessions with your coach. And you are not alone if you are resonating  with this. A coach can guide you through the process, helping you to unleash the answers from your unconscious mind, and keep you safe.

Quit Adapting and Conforming – Start Getting in Touch with Yourself Instead

 Shaking the tree of shame within me by sharing how I felt and starting to shine my light within me sparked my creativity hidden inside of me. I started to be an inspiration to myself again, filling my own love tank with gentle loving affirmations and nurturing the belief that all pain is temporary. I started to enjoy my Sundays and the fear was considerably dimmed as I was seeing my situation from a different perspective.

“Once you shine the light within yourself, you find there’s light within shining back at you.” Doreen Virtue

Coaching can help you find your light. If you are struggling on Sundays too and would like to get in touch I invite you to book your discovery call below.


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