Wisdom Sharing: a message from your biggest organ

Wisdom Sharing:

A Message from Your Biggest Organ

Famous Catch 22

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? To those who aren’t agreeing with their skin – I hear and feel you. Because I have been there myself. The conscious feeling that everyone can see your physical skin condition, feeling judged, and that worry alone makes it worse, which closes the famous catch 22 worry loop of dealing with a skin condition.

Harmonious Equation

I learnt that what I eat, how I feel, what I think, and what I put on my skin are all elements that influence the desired equation of a feel-good skin.

Extra Help

I could give you an extensive list of what I ate and didn’t eat when my whole body was covered in eczema. But I am not going to, because I am not a nutritionist, and every person is totally unique. If you are however looking for someone who just gets the complexity, the science and healing aspect of food, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Cindy Dunn and Kathleen Bower. They are absolutely amazing, and really helped me on my healing journey. You can check them out here: http://lifeforceenergy.co.nz/

Main Food Triggers

They certainly helped me to discover and avoid the main triggers of eczema for me. With trial and error, and a tonne of loving patience – this is where it is super important to listen to your body and tune into it. It knows, so listen and observe. Kathleen eventually created an amazing meal plan for me, and she helped me to trust in the healing aspect of food again, as I developed a fearful relationship to food when my skin was really bad. I reacted to everything I ate. It sucked big time and for the people around me too at the time. You know who you are, thank you for holding my space for me.

What is Personal is Universal

I know how frustrating it is to constantly have open and bleeding blisters. I got to know the chemist in the Bank district in London quite well as I went there every second day to buy new plasters on my lunch break, so that I can protect my hands once more. That too was very tedious. Especially when you spend your entire day at work using a keyboard… I feel your pain, and … drum roll…. It can, and will get better for you too, because it did for me. What is personal is universal.

Some Encouraging Advice

So here is my encouraging advice from me to you, that worked for me :

  • Allow and accept that the healing has begun. If the skin condition was able to make its initial way to you, then it is able to go again too. Have patience.
  • Start being selfish and stop pleasing everyone around you. And own your healing journey, it is up to YOU to start the healing process. You matter.
  • Sit down and write down an affirmation for you that really resonates with you. Mine was: “I love my skin and am healing every day.”
  • Practice meditation with your mantra daily, and practice gentle yoga on your mat. They both act like a fire extinguisher to your irritated red skin. And they also allow the stuck energy in your body to flow through freely again.
  • Make friends with your skin again, I know it is hard especially when you have super-hot flushes whilst having a skin reaction, and you feel as if you are possessed by the demons. All you want to do then is to rip your skin off. I know.
  • When this happens, take a BIG breath in and out and say to your skin: “ I am listening, what are you wanting to tell me?” And breathe in and out one more time. You got this. And imagine a cooling blue flowing energy flushing shitty thoughts out of your body. The unconscious mind reacts really well to metaphors, so by doing this you are gently instructing and allowing your skin from the inside to cool down.
  • Fire fuels fire, so if you can reduce the time and dim the temperature of your shower and finish it on a cold note, your skin will love you even more. It also firms your skin, which is an old Swedish secret 😉
  • About that fire… for me it was suppressed anger that was itching (excuse the pun) to be addressed and expressed in its authentic way. Again, it is all in the HOW you do the expressing… If you are for instance angry with someone close to you, write him or her a letter and.do.not.send.it.!!  Read it to yourself – out loud if you wish. Let the anger, frustration run through you, and release. And breathe. Then bin or burn the letter, your call.
  • Remember that thoughts are just thoughts, acknowledge the thoughts and release the negative ones. Use your breathing to do this. It is there and yours to use. And it is OK not to always know why a specific thought has entered your thinking space.
  • Introduce play into your routine again. What makes your heart sing? I have been told numerous times on different occasions that I shouldn’t take life so seriously. So I am now passing this message onto you. Having a random boogie in my room to my favourite tune was a good place for me to start.
  • Trust, trust, trust! And know that you are healing! I am proud of you, and so is your body. Trust me when I say that it is relieved that you are tuning into it again.

Please feel free to share your feedback with me, I would love to hear how you are getting on!

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