Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi

For the majority of my life, I have operated under the modus of fear. And it is only because I now know how it is to live under the modus operandi of love that I feel I am in a good place to shed some light on the choice that you have in how you can live your life.


Living your life under the modus of fear, doesn’t mean that you are constantly scared of everything around you, that you never have a good time and a good laugh. And that you have been brand marked “paranoid pam” for life.

What it Looks Like for Me

It just means that you unconsciously have primarily chosen fear over love. And what that means for me personally is:

  • Tendency to see the glass half empty
  • Breathing in the upper level of your chest
  • Short breathing
  • Worrying about the future
  • A lot of self-doubt
  • Very loud inner critic
  • Not a lot of confidence
  • Find it hard to speak my own truth, in case of hurting the other party
  • Expert at walking on eggshells

It is Justified and Possible to Change

If you can identify yourself with some of the traits above, I can reassure you that for me it is totally justified to feel like that. Because we live in a society where we are constantly exposed to negative messages from the media and we have adopted the behaviour of being anxious and fearful. And let me tell you that it is possible to alter this modus operandi by following the following steps:

  • When you are triggered by something, and find yourself anxious about something, ask yourself: “What is the worst thing that could happen?” Allow yourself to sit with this question as long as you like. And you will hopefully realise that you have become an expert over time in over analysing a situation and blowing things out of proportion.
  • When your head is going wild, tapping into your fascinating imagination, stick to the facts. Thoughts are just thoughts. Acknowledge them and release them.
  • Choose love over fear. I know this sounds quite far fetched if you are not familiar with these terms. It is a modus of life though and you do get to choose HOW you live your life, it is like flexing a muscle at the start though because humans are hardwired. I highly recommend reading the book: “ A return to love” by Marianne Williamson.
  • Reconnect with your breathing. Allow yourself to connect with your life force that runs through your whole body. Inhaling 6 seconds in – by pushing the tummy area out, and exhaling 6 seconds out – by pushing the tummy back in again. Focusing on your breathing brings you back to the real you, back to the present moment. Without a very big effort. So today I am reminding you of this very precious tool, available to you. All the time.

A gift

I only realised in the last few years how important it is to bring awareness to our breathing, and realise that it is a gift given to us, once we learn how to use it consciously. With my job and ongoing journey I have learnt how much we can achieve when we focus our mind on breathing.

Being aware of it, tweaking it, can change your current state in a heartbeat. Quite literally.

Like a bridge available for us to use, you also can walk over it and free yourself from being anxious, stressed and worried, to feeling more relaxed, at ease and aware of yourself by just consciously breathing.

“Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

modus operandi

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