From One Human to Another

From One Human to Another

I thought it would be a good idea in this blog post to write a bit about where I am today as a living lifecoach, how I feel about things and what is in store for me in the future.

We are all Human

Maybe quite a lot of you think by reading all my wise Instagram, Facebook posts and blog posts that I have it all figured out, that I have over time turned into this super wise woman walking around in a white angelic dress, who isn’t anxious anymore, who isn’t self-conscious posting videos of herself on social media (and therefore why hasn’t she done it yet?), who doesn’t make mistakes anymore, who has healed herself completely and who is always happy. Well here is the truth.

Truth be spoken

I am still making mistakes (I got a few comments recently on one of the photos I used on social media, where the dress of the woman was perceived for some as too short) which automatically made my heart race, and instant fear and the feeling of being judged kicked in.

I still feel anxious at times, and self-sabotage myself – a good example is scrolling down the Instagram feed and Insta stories which is a massive procrastination technique. I still get little eczema outbursts from time to time. Because you know, overthinking.

And I am still gathering the courage of making the move of posting my first video where I introduce myself on social media.

Satisfied Ego

I thought it was a good idea to reconnect with myself again and to take some time off in nature, and so a few weeks ago I went on a spiritual personal development retreat in Scotland (I swear I am not a retreat junkie at all) and I didn’t know what to expect when I got there. All I know is that I was going to walk on hot coals for the second time and meet the lady who brought Fire walking to the West, Peggy Dylan. So, one could say that my ego was pretty excited and satisfied hearing this.

Love and Focus is all you need

I met some incredible people during that week. And made some friends for life. Everyone was so genuine, humble and willing to just show up and share their vulnerable side. Showing up and letting go of shame, sharing their own story, all in a space where love was unconditionally present, was necessary for everyone to grow that week, and I confirm that it contributed massively to me being able to reconnect with my inner light again, and feel so much more complete within me, with my love tank being filled up again.


I learned how to focus on being focused, focusing on my breathing and to drop the fear attached to the unknown. Heck, that technique allowed me to bend a rebar with my throat, and I have the evidence below to show you. Now, it isn’t because I recently bent a rebar that I am now an expert at focusing. I am still learning the ropes, and it did however prove and show me that if you align your inner energy with breathing and keeping that focus in mind – as if you already have achieved it – that you are able to achieve practically anything.

On a Journey

My recent trip to Scotland allowed me to feel vulnerable again, to strip the layers, and remind me that exciting things are on their way. We are all on an ongoing journey, and it is important to take some ‘you time’ to look within and to press pause from time to time.

My passion

I am finally exercising my true heartfelt passion and calling as a lifecoach, whilst still remaining human, and this is only the beginning for me too. I have a big dream! And I have my vision board to remind me where I am going, maintaining the energy between my vision and me. To help you and others to connect with yourself again and lead a more ‘you-filled’ life and get over the hurdles that are currently stopping you from making the next step of where you want to be. And I am counting my lucky chickens every day. You teach what you most need to learn at the end of the day. I have acquired some pretty cool tools to help myself and therefore others to gain clarity on their current behaviours and to unwind a few unhelpful ones, and I am pretty excited to be learning a lot more along the way and to share these with you too.

So, from one human to another, here is to exciting and new beginnings. Aho!


The lovely Monica and me – capturing the proud and magical post moment of bending the rebar together.

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