You Are Your Own Creative Project

You Are Your Own Creative Project

A work in progress

You are in charge. You have at your disposal your own creative tools that are unique to you allowing you to craft your life project. And it is a work-in progress, where you constantly learn, listen, voice your thoughts and emotions. Where you sometimes stumble, take two steps back, to take 5 steps forward and so on. And that too is totally normal and part of the process.

Creative project

By ‘creative project’ I mean that you are constantly creating, even when you are not aware of it. And today I would like to highlight a few triggers that might dim your positive creativity ever so slightly and share some insights with you to overcome and de-dramatise these.


Hands up to the people who love fast results! Who doesn’t love instant gratification? And I also know that liking it a bit too much can be in the long run toxic.

Because if you suddenly aren’t experiencing the instant feeling of success after putting a huge amount of effort into something you want to change and achieve, it masks the actual unconscious progress that is happening and the chances of being disappointed become rocket high. Self-doubt and self- criticism kicks in, the ego gets hurt, and down the negative spiral we go.

The tide goes in… and out…

And acknowledging that the absence of instant gratification is not always a bad thing.

Like the tide of the sea, the feeling of success comes in… and out… Just like your breathing. Be patient with yourself. Even if you have worked hard on being more positive, writing in your gratitude journal, meditating, practicing yoga, it sometimes takes time for ourselves to see the change we want in our lives.

Have patience, believe and trust the process. Surrender and know that good things are coming your way.

Time is precious – don’t give it away

We all have responsibilities during the day. From doing house chores, doing admin work, going to work etc. And we are all given 24 whole hours during the day, that actually belong to you. And yes some people claim that they never have any time for themselves, they always have so much to do that no time is left during the day for them. I get it. And there are people who do have time for themselves and they tend to do one thing differently. They tend to perceive their “to do-list” differently. And it is all in the ‘How’. It is how we perceive these tasks that will change your thoughts, energy and therefore your day as a whole. You get to choose and are in charge of deciding how you spend your time.

Ditch the “Have-to’s”

So instead of saying “I have to do my house chores today”, you can say “I want to do my house chores today”. You therefore are choosing to take ownership of your time , and you will notice that you will automatically have more free time available as you practice this. And again, the focus lies in the word practice. It is an ongoing way of practicing your daily routine in a different way.

Set a timer

That funny relationship with social media… Allocate a specific amount of time you want to spend time on the different platforms if you feel that they are consuming your daily routine. And change your thinking from “I spend too much time on social media” to “ I am on social media for the next 30 minutes, and am going to enjoy this time”. And why not set a timer for yourself so that you know when it is time to unplug yourself from it? Whenever you feel like you are being consumed by scrolling down your Facebook Page or Insta Stories, ask yourself “for what purpose?”

Go gentle on yourself

Remember that perfectionism is totally subjective. And I invite you to ask yourself “I am aware that I think that I am not perfect, and… in comparison to whom?” You are allowed and advised to set your own standard of Perfect. Acknowledge that you are comparing yourself to others, welcome it and let it go. Because we are all unique Beings.
Perfectionism can be so overwhelming that you end up with a blurry mind and vision and actually end up not doing anything at all. Create time for yourself, and if it is only 15 mins to start with every day.

A few lines from me to you

A whisper
A stuck breath
A feeling of helplessness
Defining you, pretending to, at least.
And this too, is only temporary.
You have the choice,
The choice to have a choice
To rise above this agonising stuckness.
A small tweak can change it all,
You have the ability and strength to unleash the uniqueness within you.
And there it is, the breath of relief and release.
Welcome back to the real you, thank you.
Thank you, for being you.


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