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what you resist, persists

What You Resist, Persists

By Emilie Janson / July 2, 2018 /

What You Resist, Persists I have been blessed with a skin condition. And a lot of you readers will think, blessed? You must be mad. Well it took me some time to reframe and be totally ok with it, to fully understand and accept that statement. I used to think, what did I do to…

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forgive others

Forgive Others – and More Importantly, Yourself

By Emilie Janson / June 25, 2018 /

Forgive Others And More Importantly,  Yourself “Those who injured us only did what they knew how to do, given the conditions of their lives. If you won’t forgive, then allow those ancient injuries to continue their hold on you.” Dr Wayne Dyer This wonderful and empowering quote made me think, and the first sentence of…

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take ownership of your life

Take Ownership of Your Life

By Emilie Janson / June 18, 2018 /

Take Ownership of Your Life Are you wondering how to take ownership of your life? It is easy and often a deeply rooted reaction to blame others for what is currently happening in your life. There are, of course, uncontrollable external events that will have an impact on your life. I am not denying that.…

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Your Words Shape Your Thoughts and Emotions

By Emilie Janson / April 5, 2018 /

YOUR WORDS SHAPE YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS We are bombarded every day by thousands of messages and information. Especially today, the media is filled with negative information and news so we are unconsciously trained and programmed to feel anxious and on alert. Happy days. This environment doesn’t make it easy for us to stay positive…

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Be Brave, Speak Up

By Emilie Janson / March 22, 2018 /

BE BRAVE, SPEAK UP You Owe It To Yourself Have you ever caught yourself realising that the quality of your voice changes according to the content you are currently talking about? I have. And if you haven’t, I invite you to give it a shot. Listen carefully to the quality and sound of your voice.…

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Goodbye Eggshells

By Emilie Janson / February 22, 2018 /

GOODBYE EGGSHELLS We live in a society where showing anger is not OK, where it is only OK to be composed, to be lovely, polite and friendly. If the latter behaviour reflects your genuine inner state and energy, then that’s wonderful. But if you are putting a brave face on and are boiling inside, then…

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