Goodbye Eggshells


We live in a society where showing anger is not OK, where it is only OK to be composed, to be lovely, polite and friendly. If the latter behaviour reflects your genuine inner state and energy, then that’s wonderful.

But if you are putting a brave face on and are boiling inside, then I invite you to embrace it in order to then unleash this stuck energy in your body before it exhausts you even more and does any damage to it.

Metaphorically speaking, suppressed emotions, are like suppressed energy contained in the vessel which is your wonderful body.

It is only recently that I have realised that I have been containing a lot of anger in my body. The manifestation of this for me was my skin being hot, inflamed and bothered. My skin is for me my wisdom guide, the further I ignore the signals the worse my symptoms get . I basically cannot hide from the truth manifested through my skin stored in my body.

There are several ways to embrace and unleash the anger within you: Kick boxing, hiring a personal trainer who you can train with, punching and hitting some thick pillows in your room. Or even just to scream and shout the good old ‘F’ word. Whatever works for you. Or almost.

Suppressing negative energy restricts your true self to be expressed. It can hinder your true emotions to be expressed and for the Real You to shine through. It stumps your creativity as the focus of energy is on anger and frustration.

It might take you a bit of time to actually be able to familiarise yourself with expressing anger, especially if you have been avoiding it for a long time or actually ever. And that is totally normal and OK. Go gentle on yourself. We have been conditioned by society to behave in a certain way, and this is a little nudge to you to free yourself and to be authentic to yourself.

The fine line here is all in the HOW – if you chose to express your anger in words to the person who has been bothering you, choose them wisely, as their power is often undermined.

The anger has to be first embraced and embodied before being able to let it go. Only then do other underlying emotional states such as shame and grief have the chance to surface and be acknowledged.

Shame and anger are very closely linked. Shame loves to be put into a corner and not talked about. It’s the perfect recipe for shame to grow. So I invite you to reach out to a close friend you can trust and share your thoughts after your energetic PT session or after you have finished a good punching session on your pillows.

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