Take Ownership of Your Life

Take Ownership of Your Life

Are you wondering how to take ownership of your life? It is easy and often a deeply rooted reaction to blame others for what is currently happening in your life. There are, of course, uncontrollable external events that will have an impact on your life. I am not denying that. However it is your responsibility to choose how you react to these events. The moment you take responsibility for what is happening to you, and start being aware that you have the choice to actually be responsible and owning your stuff, then you will very quickly realise that life is happening FOR you instead.

Here comes the over-chewed and cringy statement of the century: “Everything happens for a reason”. And I am a firm believer that it really does, even although at the moment when crunch time hits, we don’t quite get it.

Learning to Let Go

I had a very hard time in letting go of my frustration linked to my NZ Work Visa that I got last year in June. I had to let go of the feeling linked to it, as I didn’t end up using it due to unforeseen circumstances. Life apparently had something different in store for me, and the moment I accepted the current situation and started owning it I was able to shed some light on my health and being more present. That’s when my healing truly began from within.

I embraced my vulnerable state, started doing yoga every day, meditated, had one to one coaching sessions with my coach and paid very close attention to my nutrition and the skin products I was using.

Clinging onto something or someone has proven to be rather unhealthy for me, and as the mantra goes “ what’s personal is universal”, the same goes for you. I had to let go, breathe into the situation which allowed me to accept it, go gentle on myself and practice gratitude on a daily basis.

As Dani Shapiro states:  “The idea of ever waiting for the world to grant you permission is a waste of energy, emotion and time”.

Don’t Wait. Your Time is Now.

Your time is now. If you don’t grant yourself the permission, then maybe you are holding onto something even if it is not useful for you. Don’t wait to suffer some more and slide down the negative spiral. You will be surprised how quickly things will start changing for you once you realise that you are your own creator of your life and that you can even create your own choices.

Replacing old patterns that no longer serve you takes courage and commitment. The more you behave in a certain way, even if it is a negative behaviour, the more your mind craves and thinks it needs the behaviour in order for you to survive. It is totally possible to change. You set the pace, even in this instance.

take ownership of your life

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