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Forgive Others – and More Importantly, Yourself

By Emilie Janson / June 25, 2018 /
forgive others

Forgive Others And More Importantly,  Yourself “Those who injured us only did what they knew how to do, given the conditions of their lives. If you won’t forgive, then allow those ancient injuries to continue their hold on you.” Dr Wayne Dyer This wonderful and empowering quote made me think, and the first sentence of…

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Take Ownership of Your Life

By Emilie Janson / June 18, 2018 /
take ownership of your life

Take Ownership of Your Life Are you wondering how to take ownership of your life? It is easy and often a deeply rooted reaction to blame others for what is currently happening in your life. There are, of course, uncontrollable external events that will have an impact on your life. I am not denying that.…

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