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Embarking on a coaching journey with me will allow you to feel empowered again, to reconnect with your inner peace, encouraging self-confidence, happiness and self-love. And also tuning in with your purpose - again, or for the first time....  

If it is possible for others, then it is possible for you too!  

It is my role to guide you on your transformational journey of finding your own answers by tapping into your unconscious mind which will then lead to connecting with your inner wisdom. Making peace with your inner voice.

NLP Coach Switzerland

I invite you to book your 30 minute complimentary call here

In this session we will assess your current situation and discover if you and I are a good fit before we embark on a transformational journey together.


I offer one to one sessions  - either face to face or via Skype - which allows me to keep in touch
with my international clients.


Public Speaking Engagements:

To hire me for public speaking engagements you can fill in the form on my Contact Page
or email at emilie@emiliejansoncoaching.com