Quick Pit-Stop Before 2019 Starts

Quick Pit-Stop Before 2019 Starts

Others : “So how has your year been?”
You: “Oh, not too bad thanks. How about yours?”

Said no one ever…

Are Your Ready for 2019?

I don’t need to remind you that the end of 2018 is fast approaching and that you are maybe dreading catching up with your friends, your close and extensive family over the festive period because they will with no doubt ask you how your year has been. And all you want to do is pretend that you have it all together and figured out, and that you have ticked all those boxes on your to do list of 2018.

When in reality you might not have the feeling to have done enough, that you feel that people are judging you for it. And that makes you feel anxious and worried about the future. Worried that 2018 is just going to be a repeat of 2019.

I know this feeling all too well, and I am here today to share a few tips to hopefully soften the transition into the new year.

Your Self-Talk

It is easy to think that other people of your age have it all figured out, that they are happy and have achieved so much more than you have. So, your self-talk aka inner critic might sound something like this:

“I am still in the same position work-wise as this time last year. Forking brilliant.”

“I can’t seem to make the career move that I so desire to make. I feel stuck.”

“I am still struggling with my weight, and it seems impossible to reach my ideal weight. I don’t like my body and I just can’t seem to shift those extra KGs.”

“My skin is still playing up, which is super frustrating. I can’t seem to make it go away.”

“I still haven’t found a hobby that I enjoy doing. I am just too busy and consumed by my tedious daily routine.”

“I want to be more spiritual and meditate more, but I just don’t have the time and I forget”.

And potentially the little niggling voice will be loud and clear sounding something like: “You are just not good enough”.  A voice that sounds far too familiar and leaving you with nothing else than a vale of self-doubt hovering over you, as you reflect on 2018. Am I right?

Before you know it, halfway into your yearly reflection, you just want 2018 to be over and done with, because 2019 is going to obviously be the best year yet. You can feel it….

This is where I would like to stop you, and your inner critic, and request that you both take a moment. Because for you to see the change that you so clearly desire, you are going to have to make peace with your inner critic first. Close your eyes, and please both hug it out.  See what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel…

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

It is too easy to just always be so hard on yourself, setting that bar so high for yourself, over and over again. This doesn’t allow you to see what you have actually already achieved, and how far you have already come.

So, before this year ends, please go gentle on yourself, take an A4 sheet of paper and start writing down what you are grateful for and what you enjoyed doing this year.
For instance, it might be that you enjoy connecting with your friends, getting a regular salary, having a coffee with your best friend, your holiday that you went on this year. What else?

You might not be aware of how courageous you are, and how courageous you can be. It is within you. I know it is.

So, next time you start comparing yourself to others and let your inner critic run free, ask yourself who is setting this bar of comparison? How do you know that they are not dealing with their own inner critic, that might in fact potentially sound quite similar to yours? Are you perhaps being your harshest critic, creating this feeling of not being “good enough” yourself?

I want to remind you that you are more than capable of achieving what you desire in this life. Showering yourself with self-love, giving your inner critic a big hug and being as empathetic with yourself as you are with others is a good place to start.

Soften and flow, you got this. I am proud of you.


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